Dr. Melaney Sreenan has inspired audiences for over 30 years. With a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and extensive experience in the field of neuroscience, her innovative keynotes elevate and propel audiences into immediate, unparalleled action.

Dr. Melaney is known for transforming listeners by assisting them in committing to new beliefs, determining more powerful operating systems and providing them with insight, tools, perspectives and concrete plans that allow them to redefine their standards and use their best energy immediately. Her interactive, highly-charged keynotes challenge audience members to commit to deeper levels of engagement, pushing them on to new heights of personal and professional development.

The Neuroscience of Leadership

Dr. Melaney has trained with, done research and worked with the masters in the field of neuroscience, including Dr. Joe Dispenza. In this keynote, she inspires with her personal and professional background of taking life and leadership to new levels. She shares her story of working with the team that took Eric Weihenmayer, the blind climber, to the top of Mount Everest, along with other fascinating stories of meeting challenges from the inside out and overcoming obstacles in unique and powerful ways.

The basic principles outlined in this keynote are:

  • How we think determines how we behave and the outcomes and experiences we have.
  • We are most complete, successful and effective when our whole self is engaged.
  • We are more determined and increase our effectiveness when we understand that we choose our outcomes through our thoughts, behaviors and feelings.
  • Achieving a higher level of consciousness in daily interactions is the key to long-term improvement.

Audience members will learn:

  • How they can become stronger leaders by changing their beliefs and perceptions
  • How to have a more positive attitude and outlook
  • To use their three brains
  • How to energize the minds and hearts of the company
  • To develop greater team coherence
  • To utilize the tools presented for maximum creativity
  • How to reduce stress and conflict
  • To become more resilient
  • Ways to increase mental and emotional fitness
  • How to be more productive
  • To be more emotionally intelligent

Emotional Intelligence

Dr. Sreenan has taught Emotional Intelligence (EI) to Fortune 500 companies internationally. She has inspired a diverse clientele to create new levels of commitment to excellence.

In this keynote, she inspires the audience to stronger leadership, greater openness to change, and more positive and powerful attitudes and outlooks. She gives engaging examples of how individuals and teams have excelled by increasing their creativity and happiness in the workplace through using EI.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to use your whole self. Research proves that the emotional brain is as involved in reasoning as is the thinking brain. Emotionally intelligent people create stronger relationships and lead more productive lives. Being aware of one’s emotional competencies creates a powerful platform for developing cutting edge leadership, optimal teams and top-performing companies.

Dr. Melaney identifies where participants can become emotionally charged, and how to avoid overreacting and to put things in perspective instead. She speaks to the audience about using their emotions to take charge and consciously choose how to respond.

This keynote is designed to:

  • inspire participants to identify and step into their strengths
  • enable listeners to identify the triggers that derail them and how to choose their reactions more wisely
  • teach the audience a new way to manage their emotional and physical energy

Audience members will be enabled to:

  • Resolve conflict faster
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Increase self confidence

Stress Management

In this high-powered, fresh new model for using stress as a tool for creating more dynamic results,  Dr. Melaney takes the audience on a tour of looking at how stress shows up and how it can be used to one’s advantage. She talks about how men and women in stress can create powerful results if they are willing to engage in deeper levels of awareness, shift attitudes, release old stories and utilize strong inner wisdom.

Stress is part of being alive and well in today’s fast-paced culture. The more we know about the things that cause us grief and difficulty, the easier it is for us to move into using them to give us the results we’re looking for. Stress used to its advantage can create new levels of effectiveness, allowing us to see the big picture and find more creative ways to reach our desired end results.

In this keynote, the audience will learn:

  • To recognize the joy of stress and understand its aspects that actually give us more energy
  • To look at the possibility of using stress as a way to motivate and sharpen workplace performance
  • The different stress coping styles and how they can propel teams to upgrade their emotional and mental fitness
  • A different paradigm for personal and professional power when in stressful situations
  • How to chart a new course of efficiency and energy management in difficult times
  • How to integrate the positive aspects of stress instead of resisting it
  • How to take quick time-outs to revitalize and move into coherence