Reignite Your Life an experiential workshop The Neuroscience of Fulfillment

Dr Melany SreenanDr. Melaney Sreenan is here to share her 35 years of research and experience in the science of living your highest life. She is certified by Dr. Joe Dispenza to train individuals and organizations in the concepts and methods from his best-selling book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.

Dr. Melaney has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, is a diplomat in Sports Psychology, and has been a professional in private clinical practice since 1980. She is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and experienced life coach with a sensitive, non-judgmental approach to sharing the path of growth and change.

In this experiential and engaging seminar, Dr. Melaney will lead you through proven processes for creating more love, happiness and joy in your life, greater personal and professional fulfillment, and relationships that work ALL the time. You will also:

  • Become more conscious of what matters most to you
  • Become more action-oriented and empowered to manifest your deepest desires
  • Learn the neuroscience of reinventing yourself and creating your ideal life
  • Create a 30-day action plan to powerfully upgrade your life

Reignite Your Life Workshop

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Includes Dr. Melaney’s book
Spirit Dances: The Best of Life and Workbook