Spirit Dances, The Best of LifeA 9 Step Plan to Design and Achieve the Life of Your Dreams

I designed this book as a journey of the heart. It can be a playful and inspirational read or, as I prefer, a more in depth nine-week or nine-month journey. Each chapter builds on information presented in the previous one and forms the foundation for the next. This is an interactive program, and as such, I strongly encourage you to make this journey a major focus of your life for the next nine weeks. In other words, I urge you to make a commitment to your personal discovery journey. I promise you that if you work with the book’s ideas and follow it’s nine-week plan, you will come away with the truth about who you are, what you want, and where you are headed.

I invite you to discover your untapped energy, to unleash your truth of spirit, to listen to your intuition, to rely on the unlimited depths of your courage, and to tap into your innate wisdom. Let’s dance, let’s play, let’s begin!