Today’s complex business world requires that organizations stay focused on the psychology of leadership in order to keep abreast of change and soar with creativity, innovation and performance. The neuroscience of leadership trains people to take on work in a deeper way that helps them reach new levels of self-mastery and therefore stronger more innovative leadership and execution.

melaney-dr-joe-bookDr. Sreenan uses a holistic and developmental framework, and her 35 years of research and work in organizations to propel clients to new levels. She is one of two trainers in the world holding a Ph.D. that brings the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s award winning Your Brain and Body science into corporations.

Dr. Sreenan delivers new teachings, shares case studies and examples, teaches you how to recondition whole teams to a new mind, and how to liberate limiting thoughts, unconscious habits, and memorized emotions that otherwise create fear, doubt, poor performance, lack of trust and overall dysfunction into corporate.

Corporations around the world have applied these principles and produced deep, lasting, measurable results. Leadership from the inside out is the only way to navigate authentic change.

NeuroscienceQuantum physics, neuroscience, brain chemistry, biology and genetics show you what is truly possible. Doctor Sreenan’s focus is on working with the research of the mind and body by focusing on the use of mental rehearsal and meditation. She incorporates the technology of brain and body science by working with academy award-winning musician, Barry Goldstein, the teaching of Dr. Joe Dispenza on neuroscience of leadership, Dr. Jeffrey Fannin of mind mapping and also Heart Math. Her forthcoming book is focused on the power of change through using the whole person, whole team and whole company. She has done research for over 20 years in the area of wellness, stress management and emotional intelligence. She has created her own course and workbook on Relationship Intelligence. She is currently working on a project measuring the effects of these modalities in creating optimal functioning, and plans to apply this knowledge in the corporate environment.

What you think and feel determines how you live today and shapes your tomorrow. Your thoughts and feelings control your outcomes. Imagine what could be accomplished if we taught people to how to think and feel, and act in the way that best inspires and leads.

Dr. Melaney Sreenan and Dr. Joe DispenzaDr. Sreenan offers a variety of programs tailored to the needs of each client. Her most sought after program is  Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. 

Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself
learners are given the opportunity to suspend all beliefs and to make room for the greatest next level of performance. Dr. Sreenan takes you through a series of interactive exercises and intensive exercises and mental rehearsals that will deepen your individuals and team and instill long term change.

  • Tune into new potentials
  • Change your energy
  • Access the power of the subconscious mind
  • Develop your attention
  • Train your mind and body to be in the present moment
  • Change your beliefs and perceptions
  • Energize your brain to a new level of creativity

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself TM is grounded in the principles of neuroscience. This program utilizes studies on how the brain and body work.  Dr. Sreenan teaches these principles in a practical way.  She teaches attendees how to maximize their most powerful tool; the brain.

Dr.-JoeYou are not doomed by your genes nor hardwired to be a certain way for the rest of your life!

Dr Dispenza has worked closely with master trainers and curriculum design experts to create a program to be delivered to businesses and organizations. Through a rigorous application, selection, and certification process, Dr Dispenza has personally certified trainers to deliver his work. This one-day course, based on the book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, teaches individuals how to harness the incredible power of their brain to make significant changes in their life. The program utilizes new discoveries in “how the brain works” and applies these findings to change and manage businesses and organizations. There is a true science to “changing your mind” and once you understand the “why,” the “how” comes naturally. Learn how the brain works and why this is important for change.

  • Determine changes you want to make
  • Identify a habit to work on during the course
  • Apply practices based on neuroscience to this habit
  • Experience how to mentally rewire the brain
  • Quantum physics, neuroscience, brain chemistry, biology and genetics show you what is truly possible

Breaking the habit of being yourself programs change people and organizations from the inside out.  Authentic lasting change comes from opening the individual and the workplace into a new system of alignment of body and mind and spirit to propel leaders to new commitment, new abilities and completely new paradigms to create powerful outcomes.