Personal Coaching with Dr Melaney

Coaching with Dr. Melaney

Dr. Melaney is an internationally board-certified professional coach who provides a safe, supportive space for understanding, reflection and insight. She is also known for asking the hard questions and getting to the core of the issues at hand. She provides an objective viewpoint for assessing what’s working, what’s not, and how to improve the big picture.

Business Coaching

For executives and entrepreneurs on a mission. Discover how you can create more freedom and time in your business.

Executive Coaching

Coaching is designed to bring out your best and inspire you to live your highest life. Whether you desire to manifest something new, such as a career or relationship, or you want to take what’s currently in your life to the next level, Dr. Melaney’s insight and expertise can propel you to create lasting positive change.

Dr. Melaney works with individual coaching clients by assisting them to identify areas of stress, dissatisfaction or lack of productivity in the areas they choose to focus on. Once the issues are clearly defined, she takes her clients deeper to get to the root causes of their dissatisfaction. Working together, you will formulate concrete plans to shift your life and create profound fulfillment.

Family Coaching

Dr. Melaney tailors coaching workshops and retreats to families’ needs, and also does work on the phone with distressed families. She has worked with families who have suffered a loss, families with autistic children, families in conflict from managing family-run businesses, to families going through a divorce or move. She has also worked extensively with families coping with eating disorders.

Group Coaching

Dr. Melaney works with groups of all kinds, either via teleconference or in person in a group setting that includes follow-up on the phone. She has worked with groups ranging from large corporation to small family businesses and non-profit organizations. She uses her 30 plus years of experience to connect with the individuals in the group to create cohesion and long lasting results.

Coaching focuses on…

What is happening in your life – what’s working and how to improve the whole picture.
Action – attention to what’s going on and raising the standard.
The present; here and now – and moving forward positively!

Coaching Is:

  • A way to assist in the process of capturing the spirit and creating a safe space of understanding, reflection, belief, and insight that supports the natural growth process.
  • Working with a trained professional to assess your personal & professional life.
  • Exploring the areas of stress, dissatisfaction, or lack of productivity.
  • Building a foundation of personal and professional goals.
  • Designing our life & work to create fulfillment.
  • A way to continue growth & maintain wholeness.